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Eureka! Museum of Science in San Sebastian

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

When travelling with kids the biggest question is how to find places to visit so the kids will stay entertained, will have fun and also be educated and will learn new things. I think we have found the perfect place during our last stay in Spain. In San Sebastian there is a science museum called Eureka! It’s a spacious science museum with numerous interactive exhibits, a planetarium and guided activities. I am sure your kids will have as much fun as my little ones (aged 7 and 5) had. You can easily spend half a day there and to have fun along with them.

The fun begins outside.

Can you lift 200kg?

Simulating an earthquake.

Someone forgot to turn off the water.

How far can you jump?

Lying on a bed of nails.

Create electricity by motion and make electric devices work.

We are a warm family!

They grew up so fast!

Move the ball with the power of your mind. The calmest one wins.

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